October 6, 2018


Last week my family and I piled up in the truck and went for a ride in the country. It's one of my favorite things to do.
It was a perfect day. Sunny + mid 70's. Ahhhh.... We put the windows down and just had a good time together.
Anyway, I put together a little video so you could take a ride with us! Enjoy :)

September 29, 2018


Ok so September went by so fast. I feel like we just started it. But we're heading into October!! YAY!! Fall weather is coming. The past few days have been hot and humid. Hopefully the days begin to get cooler. I can't wait to start wearing my boots + plaids + hoodies!

Anyway, lets get on with the post!


- a friend took us out to Chinese for lunch on a Sunday. It was SO GOOD!

- school started back up. And for the first time not for me!!

- six year old girl at church who doesn't have her two front teeth: *in sad voice* "I wish I had more teeth."

- my sister + her family came for a visit!!

- christopher (the boy i take care of): "The only Spanish word I know is salsa."

- niece: "You're Maddy pickle."
me: "Ok??"
a couple hours later
"Hello Potato."

- my nieces: "Lets get in your car and go to New Mexico in Arizoma."
And yes, they did pronounce it Arizoma! :D


- drove a lot. In the dark. In the pouring rain. In the sunshine. In the storms. You name it. I drove in it.

- celebrated Mama's birthday with cheesecake from the cheesecake factory!

- changed out my closet from spring/summer clothes to fall/winter!

- Kris and I had the house to ourselves for a couple days

- I read more than I have in a long time

- became an official Studio C fan!

- spent a lot of time at work

^^ my view from where I wash dishes at work :)


And that's my monthly wrap up!

How was your September? Highlight of your month? What do you have planned for October?

September 22, 2018


Last week my sister (Katy) and her husband (Jason) and their kids (Chloe, Bella, Emma, + Levi) and Jason's brother (Elijah) came for a visit. 
They got in on Saturday afternoon and they left the next Saturday morning. It was such a good visit!! We made so many memories together and I'm just sad that it's over. It went by so fast.

But like I said, it was a great visit!! And I got TONS of pictures. Enjoy :)


photo credits also go to my sisters + my brother
snapping tons of pictures. eating lots of good food. playing mario kart + mario tennis. getting colds and a stomach bug. going out to eat mexican. coloring pictures with the girls. swinging on the playground. watching movies together. being goofy. relaxing on the porch. making and eating homemade ice cream. playing dutch blitz + pit + spoons. chloe reading to me. kayaking on the lake and getting drenched by ben + elijah. playing round robin. snuggling on the sofa with the girls. eating lots of popcorn. riding the gulf kart. blowing bubbles. laughing together. listening to funny songs on the way home from church. emma telling me she wants to "stay with me forever." having jason + katy + elijah all play in our church orchestra on sunday. watching the girls running around outside trying to find lizards and frogs. seeing levi smile. drinking milkshakes. surprising kris with a quick visit at her job. doing the girls hair. levi falling asleep in my arms. playing elijah a game of chess and winning *grins*. playing in the playhouse with the girls. holding Levi. sitting around the dinner table as a family. getting caught in the rain and getting soaked. playing the piano with chloe. late night sister chats.

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