January 14, 2019


random photos from the month of December. My sister surprised us in the middle of December by showing up in our driveway! It was a wonderful surprise, although their four day stay went by way too fast. But I had a wonderful time! Then we went bowling with some of our friends, celebrated Christmas, and some other friends came for a visit, It was such a wonderful month!! <33 p="">
also, January 7 marks my blogs second birthday! i cannot believe that i have been blogging for two whole years! thank you, to all of my followers, commenters, + readers. you will never know how excited i get when i get a new follower or even a new comment. it makes my day :) so thank you so much!!

December 31, 2018


Y'all...it's officially the last day of the year. 2018 is coming to an end. This year went by SO fast. I know I say that every year, but it's true.
2018 was a good year, but it was also a hard one. Probably one of the hardest ones I've ever had. And I know I like to keep this blog a place that people can come to to make them feel good and happy, but I can't lie. This year was a hard one. And some days I just wanted to give up. But through all of the hardships, I've learned that God is always there. No matter what goes on, no matter what happens, we can cast our cares upon Him. He'll always be there beside you. To help you get through the hard times. You don't have to face them alone. And to me, that means a whole lot. I don't think I could have gotten through some of those times without Jesus by my side.

So I am really looking forward to 2019. I don't know what's going to be happening. I really don't have any plans or goals except I am going to try and enjoy life to the fullest. Enjoy this beautiful life that God has given me. And try to live it to the fullest for the Lord's glory.
Here lately I've really been thinking about my life. I really have it good. I have come to realize that I have the best family ever (and I'm not saying that lightly). I am so thankful for my family. Like I can't even put it into words. Sometimes I wonder why the Lord picked me to be placed in such a wonderful home, surrounded by so many people who love the Lord.

Anyway, yeah like I said, I don't really have any big plans for 2019. I know I said I was just going to take a year break from college, but how I feel right now, I still don't feel like it's the Lord's will for me to start college this upcoming year. I'm still praying about it, but who knows. College may not be for me. Or if it is, maybe it's just a little ways down the road. I don't know. But I do know college isn't for everyone. And I went through a time to where I thought people would judge me because I might not do or go to college. But you shouldn't care what other people think. Just follow and stay in the Lord's will and that's all that matters.

A few other goals are exercising more, take more walks, journal more, read more, spend more time off of devices and more with my family and the Lord, learn more and more about photography, etc. You know, the "average" things people want to do in the coming year. I'm not saying all of these things will happen, but I'm going to try and see that they do ;)

So yeah, this post was kind of all over the place. But guys, 2019 starts tomorrow. A new year filled with new possibilities. Who knows what will happen this upcoming year! But thinking about it makes me so excited!! The best is yet to come <33 33="" p="">

December 25, 2018


we got our first snow a couple weeks ago. 12 whole inches. it was absolutely beautiful. i took some pictures for y'all. enjoy :)
also, i want to wish you all a very merry Christmas <33 p="">

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