April 27, 2019


We got together with some of our friends and had a campfire. I put together a video from that day :)

roasting marshmallows. riding in the back of Bens pickup truck together. watching the sun set. eating s'mores and hot dogs. playing Uno. standing beside the campfire. laughing way too much + eating way too much. a spontaneous 1:30 AM trip to 7/11 to pick up nachos. staying up super late. dropping my hot dog in the fire *covers face*. good times with friends.

::: Also, thank you to whoever entered my giveaway!! I love being able to give my readers something :)
So without further ado, the winner is....







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Congratulations,Kylie!! I will be sending your prize out asap :)

April 20, 2019


Hey guys!! I'm back from my trip :) It was so good and I'm working on a post right now filled with tons of pictures.  And just maybe I'll even do a video. We'll see ;)

So I have a surprise for y'all! I am doing a giveaway!! *throws confetti* I don't know if y'all read my Fab Fit Fun Unboxing And Review post, but anyway I'll explain.
I received a bracelet in my Fab Fit Fun box. It was one that I didn't really think I'd ever wear, but I got a few comments and friends saying that they thought it was absolutely adorable. So I decided to do a giveaway with it :)

Here are the rules:

- This is an international giveaway!
- There will only be one winner and that winner will receive the bracelet.
- The giveaway lasts from Saturday April 20 to Friday April 26.
- I will be announcing the winner on Saturday April 27.
- The winner will be sent their prize ASAP.

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Also, Happy Resurrection Day :)<33 p="">

March 30, 2019


Hey guys! It's been forever since I did a life update. And I have a lot that's been going on :)

I got all four of my wisdom teeth out on February 28th. And since they were impacted, I had to get them all CUT out. It was my first "real" surgery. I was SO nervous. But I had tons of people praying for me and it all went smoothly. It felt so weird getting put out with the anesthesia and they had a hard time waking me up afterwards. I don't remember much, but I do remember them helping me into a wheelchair, and then I went back to sleep. I woke back up when they were rolling me to my car. I saw Mama and Daddy from a distance and they looked like two super long shadow people, haha! I almost fell down when I was trying to get in the car, but I finally made it and I think I slept most of the way home. I was SO hungry, but I couldn't eat anything because my mouth was so numb. I think I feasted on ice cream for nearly a whole week. And my mouth got so swollen a few days after my surgery that I looked like a chipmunk, haha xD Anyway, the holes are nearly closed up now and they don't hurt at all anymore :)

I've been staying busy with my nanny job. While I was over at their house one beautiful sunny day, we were outside and Christopher saw me taking pictures of flowers. So he ran inside and grabbed his iPad so he could take pictures too! I think he's just realized that he enjoys photography, which works out great! So we've been going around and taking pictures together of the flowers that have just started to bloom. I think it's really cute and it's something we can do together that we both have fun with :)

Sadly, we got rid of our chickens :'( It was just time to let them go. A man, who is starting a little farm, offered to take them for us. I'm sure they'll have a good home, but I sure miss them. And I'm really going to miss those fresh brown eggs.

Lord willing, I'm going to be doing a garden this year. We don't have a tiller, so I'll have to do everything with a hoe, which will maximize the work I put into it. But I have fun gardening and I think it'll be worth it. I'm planning on planting cucumbers (to make pickles and can), squash,  lettuce, spinach, maybe potatoes, and Daddy is going to do some tomatoes. So it's not going to be a ginormous garden, but I'm still excited about it!

I've just recently started enjoying embroidery. It's a lot of fun and very relaxing. I'm still not too good at it, but I think I am starting to see an improvement. It's kind of become my newest hobby :)

We've been staying busy with random things also like helping some friends move into their new house, working around our house (inside and out), working at the church, helping some friends with a yard sale, and things like that. We've really been staying busy.

I have some exciting news!! Mama, Kristen, and I will all be flying out to Oklahoma to visit my sister and her family in a few days!! I'm beyond excited! It'll be my first time flying and I absolutely cannot wait :D And it'll be so good to see my nieces and nephew. I miss them all so much.
So we've been pretty busy trying to get everything ready for our trip. Packing and so fourth. We're planning on staying about a week in Oklahoma, and then Katy and the kids and us will be road tripping back here to Virginia together. It's going to be one packed van, but it'll be fun! An adventure ;)
And then I think Katy is planning to stay here for about a week and a half. So I'm VERY excited!!

So that's my life update. As you can tell, we've all been pretty busy around here.

What have you been up to lately?
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