December 8, 2018


Hey guys!! Can you believe it!? Christmas is only 16 days away!!

I have been wanting to do a room tour for a VERY long time now, but I just kept on pushing it off. But I finally did it and here is my room with a little bit of Christmas thrown in ;) Kris and I (mostly Kris though xD) (actually all Kris, haha) decorated our room for Christmas the other day and I decided to take some pictures and do a blog post on it. The decorations aren't drastic or anything like that, it's just simple. But I like it :) So I thought it would be the perfect time to do a room tour!

Enjoy :)

So yep, there is my room!! I hope you enjoyed seeing where I live pretty much all of my life at :) I think it's pretty great xD

November 24, 2018



- ate Chinese. Twice actually!

- started Christmas shopping. And I'm almost finished!

- had a church fall fun/movie night

- started listening to Christmas music (actually I started listening to it in October, but it "officially" started playing this month xD)

- my grandparents surprised me while I was sick by bringing me back some Burger King!

- took a hike around the lake with my family

- then came back home and snuggled on the sofa while drinking hot cocoa + watching old cartoons

- kris: "Can I have an OATMEAL cookie for breakfast? I mean, it's kind of like breakfast, isn't it?"

- took a hike with Kris and took TONS of pictures.

- had a friend come and stay a few days with us which was TONS of fun! We played air soft, went out for ice cream, sang along (SUPER loudly by the way) to Christmas music on the radio, and went hiking. It was a blast!


- boy i take care of:  *talking about a guy on a movie* "He's a beautiful artwork of ugliness. Like, it takes skills to be that ugly."

- thanksgiving happened and we went over to my grandmothers to celebrate. The food was DELICOUS!!

- man on commercial: "What's in your wallet?"
ben: "Not much."
 - we decorated the house for Christmas!  
So yep. That's what happened in November! And guys! Christmas is next month! Can you believe it!? There is a lot planned for next month, and I am so excited!!
How was your month? Something fun that you did? Did you have a good thanksgiving? What's your favorite thanksgiving food? Have you started Christmas shopping yet? What are your plans for December? Let's talk!


November 17, 2018


^^ photo credit to Kris ^^ 

kris and i took a hike around the lake today. it was cold . it was needed. it was lovely.

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